Drawing a Turtle

Today, I’m going to show you how I draw a turtle. As usual, I’ll be drawing in Adobe Illustrator with my Wacom tablet. I always start with the largest part first, which is typically the body. Per usual, my animal bodies start off looking like deformed beans. Normally, I don’t add details like this until[…]

Drawing a Crab

I’ll be drawing a crab in Adobe Illustrator CS6 with my trusty Wacom tablet. As usual, when drawing something that already exists, I’m going to need reference material. Here’s a crab. Actually, now that I look at that picture, I believe that’s the back of a crab. What do they look like from the front?[…]

Drawing A Possum

Today, we’re going to draw a possum. I dislike possums. I once said that I won’t consider possums proper beasts until they put their skulls back inside their skin where they belong. How on earth can you make this cute? Well, I said the same thing about crabs, and I managed to make one of[…]