Drawing A Possum

Today, we’re going to draw a possum. I dislike possums. I once said that I won’t consider possums proper beasts until they put their skulls back inside their skin where they belong. How on earth can you make this cute?

I will devour your soul.


Well, I said the same thing about crabs, and I managed to make one of those cute:


So, we can do the same for the disgusting, rabies spitting, dog taunting possum. This will be a challenge.

First, our hopelessly cute possum needs a body, which will end up looking much like a lump of coal or a deformed bean. Most animals I draw start off as deformed beans:

Picture 1Deformed bean possum it is. It needs some appendages. What do possum feet look like? I have no idea. To the internet we go…

Gah! Kill it!


They have claws. As if they aren’t creepy enough already, possums have spindly finger-like claws. Let’s draw some claws. From that picture, it looks like they have four on each foot. That’s all I’m drawing since I don’t want to get any closer to them.

Picture 2We have foot. Now we need at least three more of them.

Picture 3So far, so good. Two more…

Picture 4There. I drew my possum sitting because I don’t like the concept of them moving at all.

Now, it needs a tail. They have rat-like tails. I like rats much better than possums. Anyway, rat tail coming up.

Picture 5Alright, let’s blend that a little bit…

Picture 6Much better. Now what? The creepy possum head. I’m going to make the cutest possum head possible without actually taking a close look at a possum head, because who wants to closely inspect a possum head? Not me, that’s who.

Picture 9

It’s got a heart on its head! Take that possums of the world! You have heart heads!

I suppose it needs a nose and some beady little eyes, too.

Picture 8

Maybe possums aren’t so bad after all. At least, this one isn’t.

Thanks for reading,